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JOBU miscellaneous products

JOBU Plastics BV sells many plastic products for the horticultural sector. Some of them are so unique that we list them in this folder dedicated to JOBU miscellaneous products.

hydrangea ring

The hydrangea ring is secured to a single cane and the branches are inserted into the ring that then keeps them in place. Cane diameter: 6.0 - 8.0 mm.




moss pole ring

Makes it easy to secure several stems at the same time to a moss pole. The product has a clasp for heavy stems.

Small: 2.500 pcs
Large: 1.500 pcs



Grafting pin

A plastic peg with an iron ring used for grafting cucumbers: cucumber, watermelon, melon, squash, zucchini.



plastic cane

Hollow plastic canes for supporting lightweight stems. Combine elegantly with the orchid ring.


plant rings

Plant rings without curved extensions are used for securing plant stems to canes for support.

16 mm: 50.000 pcs
20 mm: 25.000 pcs
25 mm: 20.000 pcs



Tree fix

The rubber securing clip is used for securing a stem/standard to a cane that supports it. Available in various lengths. The product stretches as the plant grows.

6 cm: 5 kg
8 cm: 5 kg

Super clip

For the quick securing of plant stems (example: hydrangea) to a cane as well as providing support during the vegetative phase of vegetable production.

16 mm: 20.000
20 mm: 15.000
25 mm: 15.000
MONO-clips XL-25 mm: 35.000




Small: 8 cm  - 750 pcs
Medium: 12 cm  - 242 pcs
Large: 15 cm  - 150 pcs



Glass fiber reinforced 60%

30 cm - 4.0 mm: 10.000 pcs
40 cm - 5.0 mm: 4.000 pcs
50 cm - 6.0 mm: 2.500 pcs
60 cm - 6.0 mm: 2.500 pcs