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The JOBU cane support:
keeps plants standing up!

The JOBU cane support can be put onto the rim of a pot container quickly and easily so that the bamboo cane inserted through the central hole and the plant it supports are kept standing up straight.

The JOBU cane support is secured as follows:

1. Select a cane support of the right size depending on the size of the pot container.
2. Click the openings of the cane support one by one onto the rim of the pot container.
3. Place the bamboo cane into the triangular hole in the middle.

The cane support fits various pot containers with curved rims but not all models of pot containers.

JOBU cane supports can be used in various branches of the horticultural sector:

  • tub and patio plant production: for the production of standard Solanum, Fuchsia, Abutilon, etc.
  • nursery sector: For the production of standard plants when the cane requires additional support.

Standard colour: black

JOBU cane supports are available for pot containers in these diameters:

14 cm
17 cm
19 cm
21 cm
24 cm

JOBU cane supports: effective support for your plant!