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The JOBU multi-cane clamp:
holds canes together!

The JOBU multi-cane clamp is used for plants requiring several canes arranged as a tripod to support them and to keep them at the right distance from each other during production.

The JOBU multi-cane clamp is secured as follows:
1. From the 4 models, select the right clamp as based on the      diameter and number of canes/pot.
2. Click the canes one by one into the openings provided by the      clamp.

This method of securing the canes ensures that they remain neatly in place and at the right distance from each other.

JOBU multi-cane clamps are used in various branches of the horticultural sector:
pot plant production: For Hedera, Cissus, etc. grown on tripods.
tub and patio plant production: For Geranium, etc. grown on tripods.
nursery sector: For Clematis, etc. grown on tripods.

JOBU multi-cane clamps: the prettiest way of keeping canes together!

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JOBU multi-cane clamps are available
in these models:

multi-cane clamp ring
cane diameter
5.0 - 5.5 mm
multi-cane clamp: small
cane diameter
4.5 - 6.0 mm
multi-cane clamp: large
cane diameter
6.0 - 8.0 mm
multi-cane clip:
extra large
cane diameter
6.0 - 10 mm
Standard colour: green
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