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Ever since the company’s founding, JOBU Plastics has been devoted to developing plastic products for horticulture – particularly small products with a specific application. These were sometimes developed for a single grower, sometimes for many growers.

These products are used in various branches of the horticultural sector:
greenhouse vegetable production: vine clips, peduncle clamps, side shoot hooks, J-hooks, grafting clips
fruit growing: fruit training/support clips, branch benders
nursery sector: rose support clips, clip rings, label inserts, pots, plant support rings
pot plant production: clip rings, label inserts, pots, moss pole rings, tripod rings/clamps, plant support rings, orchid clips
seed production: tagging rings

The horticultural sector is always developing new technologies, and each grower wants to do things just a little bit differently from the rest. To devise new products or new versions of existing products, we are thus involved in an ongoing dialogue with the sector. And we visit trade fairs in other countries in search of products that could also be useful for Dutch growers.

JOBU Plastics would be pleased to assist you in your search for a specific product.


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