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JOBU Plastics BV can supply plastic flowerpots produced by these manufacturers:

KUMA Plastics BV is a Dutch company specialised in smaller injection-moulded plastic flowerpots. What sets the KUMA flowerpots apart is their good reliable quality. The major advantage of such pots is that they can be processed better in transplanting machines. Pot sizes range from 5.5 cm. to 15 cm. in diameter and are available with various kinds of bottoms.

In addition to the standard colours (black and terra cotta), you can also have them produced in any other colour you want. We could also have the pots printed with an image you provide or that you want to have developed: a good way to distinguish your products without making a substantial investment. The easiest way to get a better idea of the various pot sizes and styles would be to go to this manufacturer's website at: www.kumaplastics.nl

This Italian manufacturer specialises in ornamental plastic flowerpots into which production pots can be inserted. These ornamental flowerpots were developed to hold the smaller-sized nursery pots, and new styles can be developed upon request.

Each style is available in a number of standard colours, all of which are kept in stock. Naturally, we can have them made up in any other colour upon request. Certain styles of ornamental flowerpots can have an image printed on their outer surface. The easiest way to get a better idea of the various styles and standard colours in which these ornamental pots are available would be to go to this manufacturer's website at: www.maxcip.com

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