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The JOBU orchid clips:
so many to choose from!

The JOBU orchid clip is available in many, many models but each one ensures the quick effective securing of a pot orchid’s stem to its cane.

The JOBU orchid clip is secured as follows:
1. Plastic orchid ring: Slide the ‘eye’ over the cane, and insert the     stem into the other end that you can open by pulling apart.
2. Plastic orchid clasp: Clip the opening onto the cane, and insert     the stem into the other end that you can open by pulling apart.
3. Barrette: Hold the cane and stem together, squeeze the barrette     open, and place it around both cane and stem.
4. Bent foam-covered wire: Surround the cane and stem with the     bent part of the clip and bend the other end around them.
5. In some cases, JOBU clip rings also provide a good solution.

JOBU orchid clips are used for:
the production of pot orchids: Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium and any other kind of pot orchids that produce flower stems requiring support.    

JOBU orchid clips:
                     take your pick!

Standard colour: green
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