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The JOBU tagging flag,
makes identification easy!

The JOBU tagging flag is used for tagging immature fruits to follow their fruit development and thus improve production predictions. Particularly useful for growing sweet peppers. Can also be used for propagation and seed production.

The JOBU tagging flag’s ‘curly tail’ makes it easy to attach.

Conducting a random tagging of a number of immature fruits with a differently coloured flag every week makes it possible to keep track of fruit development and predict production more accurately.

JOBU tagging flags are used for:
greenhouse vegetable production: to follow fruit development
propagation: the flags can be written upon
seed production: for the seed production of tomato, cucumber, etc.

The JOBU tagging flag,
        for quick identification!


Standard colours (8) : red, white, blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow, silver-grey

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