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The history of JOBU Plastics in a nutshell.

Back in 1983 when a fellow tomato grower came back from the US with a vine clip, an alert Jos Buskermolen was immediately interested. Since importing them would be a very expensive and time-consuming business, he decided to invest his entire savings in a mould for producing a vine clip he designed himself: the JOBU clip. And with this, JOBU Plastics was born. Growers throughout Europe were quick to purchase the JOBU clips. Today, they are simply an established part of tomato production.

In 1986, JOBU launched the first product it invented itself: the JOBU clip ring. It may have taken several years to get the product off the ground, but it finally took off and is now an enormous success. The JOBU clip ring is a quick and simple solution for attaching the stems of many kinds of plants to a cane for support.

A grower by the name of Aad van Mil is the person deserving the honour of having devised the basic principle for the peduncle clamp to support tomato clusters. It was his idea that JOBU Plastics used for the JOBU peduncle clamp introduced in 1987. Within a few years, this product, too, took off. Millions of these peduncle clamps are still being used throughout the world every year to prevent bent peduncles.

In 1995, a new grafting method developed in Japan and known as Japanese top grafting started being used in the Netherlands/Europe. This method makes use of a small flexible transparent silicon cuff known as a grafting clip to keep the rootstock and the scion together. By responding quickly to the need for a good product available in several sizes and models, JOBU Plastics was also successful in attracting a large international clientele for this product as well.

Over the years, many other designs have been successful in establishing their places in horticulture: J-hooks, side shoot hooks, clip hooks, courgette hooks, fruit training/support clips, multi-cane clamps, Hydrangea rings.

Who knows what will be next?


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