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The JOBU clip ring: when speed counts!
The JOBU clip ring guarantees an effective – and fast! – securing of the plant to a cane. Its use of the ‘pincher principle’ gets the job done using just one hand.

The JOBU clip ring is secured as follows:
1. Open the clip ring by squeezing both broad curved extensions
     together with thumb and forefinger.

2. Slide the stem and cane through the opening of the clip ring.
3. Let go of the clip ring – it’s now in place!

This securing method also minimises damage to the plant. If desired, clips rings are also very easy to remove.

The JOBU clip ring can be used in various branches of the horticultural sector:
vegetable production: During the vegetative phase of such crops as sweet pepper, aubergine, cucumber, melon to secure the young plants to canes.
pot plant production: during the production of such plants as Ficus, Schefflera, Fatshedera in which plants have to be secured to canes for support.
nursery sector: To secure young conifers and shrubs to support wires or canes during production and upon delivery.

The JOBU clip ring:
                        the fastest solution!
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Available in ring diameters of:
JOBU - clip ring XXL
32 mm Ø
JOBU - clip ring XL
25 mm Ø
JOBU - clip ring L
20 mm Ø
JOBU - clip ring M
16 mm Ø
JOBU - clip ring S
13 mm Ø
JOBU - clip ring XS
11 mm Ø
Standard colour: green
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